Activities of Peace Lutheran Church and ECEC

Lay Ministry

Connect with your Lay Minister

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Prayer Circle

Request and discover prayers for people in need.

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PYRO: Peace Youth Reaching Out

Peace Ministries youth group connection.

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Updating the Website

Updating the Website
We are currently revamping the website for easier navigation. Come back regularly to see all the new content that will be coming soon! function zbpShare(url) { var sharer = ''+url;, 'sharer', 'width=626,height=436'); return false; } var zbPregResult = '0';

Prayer Circle

Prayer Circle
Join the Prayer Circle Chat Room When you feel  you need a prayer request, post it here. When you want to check on others in the congregation, check the prayer circle chat room.   function zbpShare(url) { var sharer = ''+url;, 'sharer', 'width=626,height=436'); retur [...]

A Great Bible Study

Great Bible Study
Have you been looking for a great bible study? Peace Lutheran Ministries offers a great bible study following the Sunday morning service. After 9 a.m. Sunday worship and coffee hour, everyone is welcome to join Pastor Matthew Peters at 10:45 a.m. for an open forum, easy  to follow bible study. During the bible study Pastor will have predeterm [...]

Vacation Bible School 2014

vacation bible school 2014
Postponing Vacation Bible School 2014 Due to unavailability of volunteers this year, we will be unable to offer Vacation Bible School 2014 this June as per our past programs. Please Stay tuned for further details. Sorry for the inconvenience. Blessings function zbpShare(url) { var sharer = ''+u [...]

The Plan – Through the Bible Th...

Great Bible Study
Starting September 8th Peace Lutheran Congregation and anyone else who is interested will begin reading through the Bible through the year, as one body.  The Plan, developed by Messiah Lutheran Church in Mounds View, MN, takes us through short sections of the Bible, so that we can daily be engaged by God’s Word and led from beginning to [...]

Interactive Calendar

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About Us

Peace has been in Sacramento's Natomas area for over 40 years. We are a family of faith in Jesus Christ. We have a worship service every Sunday morning at 9:00.

Join us for worship, learning, service and community in Christ.

924 San Juan Rd Sacramento, CA 95834

Office Phone: (916) 927-5934

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